Size @ Work

In this research project we – Dide and Noortje – aim to explore the experiences of people who self-identify as full-figured, large, fat or obese. We are interested in understanding how they deal with stereotypical ideas about fat people as lazy, unproductive, unprofessional and unhealthy. How do these ideas impact their everyday working lives? We […]

Cleaners @ Work

In this research project I – Dide – collaborate with Marieke van den Brink (Radboud University),  Laura Dobusch (Radboud University) and Anouk de Koning (Radboud University) to study the topic of ‘inclusion’ in low-wage labor organizations. Knowledge on how ethnic minorities and women are excluded from positions of authority has been well-documented. Less is known, […]

Breastfeeding @ Work

In this project I – Noortje – explored my own experiences with breastfeeding at work. I was still in the middle of doing my PhD when I gave birth to my second daughter and found myself struggling with demands placed on me by my job (“do research, read, write!”) and my motherhood (“spend time with […]

(Dis)ability @ Work

In this project Katrine Meldgaard Kjær and I – Noortje – explore how to navigate the academic world with invisible disabilities/ conditions. We are currently writing a chapter for the Handbook of Organizational Autoethnography, edited by Andrew Herrmann, in which we use vignettes, theoretical reflections and poetry to make sense of the stigma surrounding disability […]

Gender @ Work

The project Gender @ Work is carried out by our colleague Kate Carruthers Thomas (Birmingham City University). We asked her to contribute to this website because we think she is doing amazing work as an organisational poet. Below, you can find a description of the project and two of her poems: PROLOGUE and CEILING II. […]

Academics @ Work

In the summer of 2017 Dide and I – Noortje – visited Rome for the Conference of Organizational Symbolism (SCOS). In the blazing Rome summer heat, we presented some of our research poetry and listened to many interesting talks by colleagues who presented their own research. After the conference the SCOS chair – Thomas Lennerfors […]

Menopause @ Work

In this project I – Noortje – collaborate with several colleagues: Patricia Wijntuin (project leader, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht), Anna Aalten (University of Amsterdam) and Josje Dikkers (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht). We feel that there is little information and conversation about menopause and how this affects women, especially while doing their jobs. Together […]